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“This is an opportunity to do something exciting for the sport. There is obviously strong interest in monohull racing with international, co-ed teams — in powerful, modern, one-design yachts similar to the Twelves that everyone has heard of and loved. There is a nostalgia and romance with the 12 Meters and to have similar boats racing in reliable breeze on the iconically beautiful San Francisco Bay will remind everyone of how great the America’s Cup was in Fremantle in 1987.”

Tom Ehman Jr.

8 thoughts on “The Founder / CEO

  1. Do you have ANY idea how exciting this is? Fantastic. I sailed a J105 with guests from Berkeley to the City Front to watch the last race last year. And although exciting to some extent, most of the comments reflected general boredom because we could not identify with the “fake” sailboats. I hove to for about 30 minutes and watched one of the boats round the last mark. Yes, it was fast. Yes, it was big. And yes, it was impressive. But no, no, no it was not a sailing race. I have seen more competition in Sabots, Lazers, old Cal boats.

    Having just finished the article in the August SAIL magazine. I am very excited about the prospect of seeing a regatta, or series of regattas that involve knowledge, skills, insights, experience of crews, real decisions….based on the type of boat that I can actually sail. Thank you for the 12 meter Renaissance. You WILL be successful because we will sail with you vicariously.

    Dave Fairchilds


  2. Tom, Congratulations on your outstanding concept. The racing world returning to the sport and beauty of racing with the sleek and classical designed 12s. I’m excited to see the yachts and competition again. W. McDonald


  3. I am old and old school. my joy to sail is a 1965 shark. I was in SF for the race. It was over the top for an event, but not something I could relate to. The new event stirs my soul! Bob M.


  4. Hi Tom, I want to add my voice to that of Bob Fisher and all those who regard your Super 12m initiative as an absolutely wonderful and exciting development – I can’t wait for the event in 2017!
    As you know I have been very closely involved with the 1987 America’s Cup in Fremantle – undoubtedly the pinnacle of Cup racing thanks to the reliable afternoon arrival of the “Fremantle Doctor”. This was of great help to me as Race Committee chairman resulting in some unforgettable races in the 1986 Challengers Series for the Louis Vuitton Cup.
    In early 2017 I will have reached my 88th year but if I’m still around I will certainly not miss the opportunity to revive and relive the memories of 12m racing. The real thing!
    John Ripard
    President Royal Malta Yacht Club.

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  5. Hi, I am a past President (Commodre in France) of UNCL which was a challenger yacht club with 6ème Sens and Areva teams during past Am Cups in Auckland. I follow with great interest your initiative with the Super 12s and was keen to know if you are interested by a French crew.
    Happy New and successful Year in your development !


  6. What a shame the “very old fashioned” ITMA guys refuse to consider this perfect evolution of the legendary 12m class as a logic “next step” of the class.

    I am an ex-ITMA member (I have sold my 1930 Twelve Meter last year, after 18 years of enjoyable classic racing in the Med), I can tell the Class needs new fresh blood in the Med. I think the Super12 is The Solution!

    I am a member of the Yacht Club of Monaco, a Yacht Club always open to new challenges. Mr Ehman, congratulations! I will be pleased to be “Super12 ambassador” here in Monaco and maybe to promote a local syndicate.

    Marco Gastaldi
    the Yachting Heritage Society


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