The Challenge

Annual international regatta sailed on San Francisco Bay beginning July 2017

“Super 12s” — powerful 65-foot, one-design yachts, paying homage to the classic International 12 Meter above the waterline, modern below.

$500,000 purse prize

100% nationality rule

Challenger regatta; no defender; equal footing year in, year out

4 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. Definitely agree with the comment. Match racing is a fight between knights,not between pieces of technology to show which one has the biggest … purse of course …


  2. What a shame the “very old fashioned” ITMA guys refuse to consider this perfect evolution of the legendary 12m class as a logic “next step” of the class.

    I am an ex-member (I have sold my 1930 Twelve Meter last year, after 18 years of enjoyable classic racing in the Med), I can tell the Class needs new fresh blood in the Med. I think the Super12 is The Solution!

    I am a member of the Yacht Club of Monaco, a Yacht Club always open to new challenges. If Mr Tom Ehman will contact me I will be pleased to be “Super12 ambassador” here and maybe to promote a local syndicate.

    Marco Gastaldi
    the Yachting Heritage Society

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