Seahorse shares the Super 12 story

News of the Super 12s made it into the March 2016 edition of Seahorse magazine. Below is the transcript:

Maximum Power

Dennis Conner and his loyal Stars&Stripes team on their way to winning the 1987 America’s Cup in Fremantle. If Tom Ehman can pull it off, and he has some well-qualified and enthusiastic backers, then we might well see powerful, heaver displacement, high pointing 12 Metre-style boats soon racing seriously again. The first renders for the Farr designed Super 12s are now floating around the world and above the waterline the boats do look very similar to the best of the 12 Metres that pounded it out in Perth nearly 30 years ago. Out of sight down below, the boats feature a modern fin and (large) bulb keel with a single  efficient high aspect rudder. It is an interesting concept for a new circuit, although initially  at least Ehman is proposing just a single annual regatta in San Francisco each July. The closest parallel to the Super 122s is the RC44 circuit, that was successfully launched in 2007 and has been well run since then by Sir Russell Coutts working with French class manager Bertrand Favre. The USP of the RC44s is 100 per cent turn-key one design racing, going to the best venues in the world and with Coutts & Co helping a group of wealthy owner-drivers to secure some of the best sailors in the world as crew. Turn-key indeed, book a hotel, fly in, go racing, go home. The Super 12s currently look a cheaper option than the RC44 because of the lack of travelling, but there must be a cost-benefit trade to taking the new ‘series’ on the road, which no doubt will be very carefully explored. The Super 12s should also be cheaper to own and campaign than a series TP52; there are enough clients out there, for sure, for this type of racing. If nothing else, Super 12s will certainly add a touch of both grandeur and gravitas to your regular inshore racing deal…

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