Great Ink for Super 12s in Scuttlebutt Europe

Letter to the editor in last night’s Scuttlebutt Europe, written by Adrian Morgan —

“Tom Ehman’s new series, to be raced off San Francisco in what are being called Super 12s, promises to bring back an era before the phenomenon of foiling catamarans when crews did more than pump hydraulics and leap about like demented monkeys in fat suits. The new boats look like 12s, but are not strictly 12 Metres. In fact they look as much like a gaff-rigged, long keeled 12 Metre from the 1900s as winged keeled Australia II in 1983. That is, not a lot as there have been three 12 Metre Rules since 1907. And instead of embracing this attempt to recreate a more civilised form of yacht racing, guess what? The 12 Metre lobby are up in arms. Why? It will devalue the brand? It will devalue their investments? Nonsense. I say good luck to Mr Ehman in trying to recreate the drama and tactics and sail changing and close racing we saw in the best of the 12 Metre racing of old, and under the Golden Gate too. Put jealousy, self interest aside and embrace what could be a rather fine competition.”

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