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Has a new America’s Cup been born? 

Perhaps it is much more than a challenge, perhaps it is a new America’s Cup born on the spirit of tradition. The San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge already fascinates sailing enthusiasts.

Back to the future, at least in the lines. Is the intention to spite the America’s Cup in Bermuda? It may well be, as the idea and format of this race belongs to Tom Ehman, Vice Commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco, which is the current holder of the America’s Cup won by its racing team Oracle Team USA.

The idea is fascinating: a race, called San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge, made by a national crew of 12, with a minimum of 2 men, 2 women, 2 under 22 and one over 62.

The boats

The boats are fascinating : resembling the glorious international 12 meters class that for several decades was the protagonists of some of the most glorious editions of the America’s Cup. Italy, for example, discovered the America’s Cup thanks to this class: Azzurra was, in fact, a 12 meter.

Obviously, boats of this new race are distant relatives of those who made history in the America’s Cup . If the lines are vaguely reminiscent of those old 12 meters, it is because appendices, material and technology echo the old generation. In particular, the yachts will be strictly one-design monohulls, to reduce the cost of participating in the regatta. The Super 12s are being designed by Farr Yacht Design. 

The first edition of the regatta will be held in 2017, the year of the America’s Cup in Bermuda. Is there a connection?

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