Super 12s reach German audiences

The Super 12 story has been picked up by a notable German website Here is the English translation:

Back to the Future with 12s

An initiative from San Francisco is being modelled on the former America’s Cup and will revive the 12 Meters.


Memory Lane: The American Twelve Meter “Stars & Stripes” with Dennis Conner (front) won the final  in harsh conditions against the Australian “Kookaburra III” with Ian Murray, in Fremantle, 1987.

Tom Ehman, a long time America’s Cup enthusiast wants to create a prestigious new race that brings back “the good old days” of sailing. Starting in July 2017, the San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge will be raced on the bay for which it was named. Initial design parameters for the boats have just been released by Farr Yacht Design, one of the most successful design offices of the twelve-meter era. The new boats are strongly reminiscent of the former Twelves, sailed from 1958 to 1987 – one of the most brilliant periods of the America’s Cup.

The new boat, the Super Twelves (Super 12s) will be similar in length and have a similar silhouette to the old Twelves. Commonalities include size, overlapping spinnaker, as well as the free-standing 20 percent masthead. However, spars and rigging are made of carbon fiber and the hull is made of a composite of carbon and glass fiber with foam core.

The Super 12s are modern below the waterline, just like the Cup boats of the IACC class that replaced the Twelves and were later succeeded by the catamarans. Though the new twelves go only 3.20 meters deep, they will be operational in many districts. Overall, the Super 12s are around six tons lighter than the boats they were modelled after, but will produce a similar righting moment. The old Twelves were famous for their extremely high ballast ratio, which enabled breathtaking matches in venues with heavy weather, such as Fremantle. Since the boat is no longer subject to the design parameters of the old Twelves, the waterline will be a little longer and allow higher speeds.

The Super Twelves will adhere to a strict one-design rule, which helps keep the costs per boat at about two million dollars. The crew consists of 12 people, with at least two women, two men, two sailors under 22 years and a one sailor 62 or older. In particular, the upper age limit is intended to motivate potential donors and probably Cup veterans.

Five boats are to be built in time for the premiere in July 2017. According to Ehman, we can expect one of these to be for a team from Italy, who will also participate in the 2017 America’s Cup. Most likely he is referring to the former Luna Rossa Challenge, led by Patrizio Bertelli. In addition, Ehman is in negotiations with teams from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Thailand, Spain and three US teams.

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