First 3D renderings of Super 12 yacht

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saturday, January 16, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO – Farr Yacht Design of Annapolis, Md., has released the first 3D renderings of the new Super 12 yacht that will be used in the annual San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge (SFYRC) for the Super 12 Cup beginning in July 2017 on San Francisco Bay.

“We are thrilled to have been selected to develop this new yacht,’’ Farr Yacht Design Vice President and Senior Naval Architect Britton Ward said. “This project will require all of our experience from grand-prix designs, our understanding of modern production techniques and our history with developing the most competitive one-design fleets in the world.”

“The strong and enthusiastic reception for the new boats and regatta has been gratifying,” said SFYRC CEO Tom Ehman. “The Super 12s are a modernized version of the classic 12-Meter yachts, which were used in the America’s Cup from 1958 to 1987. With a classic look above the waterline and a modernized underbody, the Super 12s will return dignity, style and stability to yacht racing.”

Full text of the Farr Yacht Design statement that accompanied the release of the Super 12 renderings:

“In mid-2015, we began discussions with Tom Ehman, who has been rallying support for a new event – The San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge. The event will be held annually, starting in July 2017. It promises a return to friendly competition between nations in one of the most iconic and reliably windy venues anywhere in the world. To limit costs and provide equal competition the racing will occur in one-designs. Crews will have to meet strict nationality rules and each boat will be crewed by 12 with a minimum of two women, two men, two age 22 or under and one age 62 or over.

“Realization of these objectives requires the design and construction of a new class of boat – the Super 12.

“We are thrilled to have been selected to develop this new design. This project will require all of our experience from grand-prix designs, our understanding of modern production techniques and our history with developing the most competitive one design fleets in the world. The design

of the Super 12 is moving into high gear as we go to press, and the work of finding the right blend of tradition, modern construction and sail-handling capabilities has the entire team energized to produce something very special.

“Above the waterline the boats are inspired by the classic meter-boat look – long bow and stern overhangs, low freeboard, sheer spring, and narrow beam. Below the waterline, a modern appendage package with a deep lead bulb with wings and a trim tab provide power and exceptional upwind performance. The boats will sail upwind into the San Francisco tide at relatively high angles of heel and run deep downwind with fractional symmetric spinnakers providing spectators and television audience incredible visuals in both fleet and match racing settings.

“The boats will be built by Westerly Marine in Santa Ana, California to the strictest one-design controls. They will be built from a combination of E- glass and carbon pre-preg with foam cores. We have worked closely with Westerly to develop a robust, cost-effective laminate and construction scheme that will allow us to produce a boat a month at full production pace, within very strict one-design tolerances. By virtue of the modern materials and manufacturing combined with the carbon rig and rigging we can achieve a similar stability level to the 1980’s vintage 12 Meters but at a displacement some six-plus tons lighter. Unrestricted by the vagaries of the 12 Meter rule we are able to stretch the waterline and develop a significantly less distorted hull form, reducing drag and further improving performance. Under the water we are maintaining a modest draft of 10’6” (3.2m) to maximize the range of venues suitable for Super 12 racing. The rig incorporates a 20% topmast and 140% overlapping genoas to provide a silhouette that has a clear historical lineage.”

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Sailplan RenderingStern Rendering



Meg Ehman
+1 415 640 4401

Farr Yacht Design

3 thoughts on “First 3D renderings of Super 12 yacht

  1. The Renderings Look Great – Thank you Tom Ehman for all your Hard work and Dedication on this Amazing Project. I live in Hemet Ca. and have been sailing and Racing since 1967 – Please let me know how I might be able to help – my home phone is 951-927-3430 – I turn 68 on Feb. 25th. and Have a Great car to get me any where I need to be. Thank you and look forward to seeing more information soon.
    also, If there will be Tryouts here in So. CAL, please let me know. I would love to be a Main Trimmer for you. I do ride my bike almost every day, for 6 – 8 miles here in Hemet, CA.
    Twitter – @sailor7
    email –
    Facebook – 1. Les Stowe
    2. Lloyd Stowe
    Best Regards,
    Lloyd ( Les ) Stowe
    Hemet CA. 92544
    Cell phone 949-322-1480 – anytime please.


  2. Great idea, hope this initiative will be successful! Can´t wait for the first event.

    Best regards from Germany
    Toens Brautlecht


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